Personalization Redefined: How Einstein Generative AI Transforms Email Marketing

how einstein generative ai transforms email marketing


In today’s ever-changing digital marketing landscape, staying ahead of the game is essential. Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s latest innovation, Einstein Generative AI, promises to redefine how marketers approach email campaigns. This blog post will delve into this cutting-edge tool’s features, setup, and practical application.

Understanding Einstein Generative AI

Einstein Generative AI unveiled in the Winter ’24 release notes, introduces a new era of personalized and dynamic content creation within the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Unlike traditional email marketing approaches, this feature harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to generate compelling subject lines and body content, making your emails more engaging and relevant. To access the features of Einstein Generative AI, you need to enable it within the Einstein Copy Insights settings. It’s worth noting that this functionality requires a Corporate or Enterprise Edition of Marketing Cloud.

Creating Custom Brand Personalities

Einstein Copy Insights in Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows users to set up brand identities and create distinct personalities for generating tailored content. Brand Settings include default personalities like Professional and Casual, with the option to create up to 10 more. A thorough setup ensures consistent and personalized content aligned with your brand. 

Example: To energize a sales campaign, a brand personality named “Energetic Sales personality” is crafted, infusing vibrant and persuasive tones. This persona and the organization’s brand identity guide Einstein in generating content that resonates with a lively and compelling spirit. Setting a default personality influences every generated message, contributing to personalized and consistent results.

einstein copy insights

Effortless Content Generation

Einstein Generative AI shines in the content creation process, effortlessly generating subject lines and body content. 

Sample Use Case: The aim is to promote a new range of winter camping and hiking gear for a brand called ArcticVenture Outfitters.

Crafting Catchy Subject Lines:

  • Enter a key message like: “Newsletter about a new range of camping gear for the winter season.”
  • Select a brand personality, such as “Professional” or “Casual,” to align with the brand image.
  • The AI generates subject lines:
    • “Get ready for winter camping with our new range of gear.”
    • “Stock Alert: Winter camping gear available now.”
    • “Don’t miss out on our new camping gear for winter.”
  • We can review the generated subject lines and select the most fitting one, such as “Get ready for winter camping with our new range of gear.”
  • This provides feedback to the AI, indicating preferences and helping the system learn from their choices.

Dynamic Body Copy:

  • Moving to the body content, focus on a critical message like: “New winter camping and hiking gear at AVO, with limited stock. Hurry, visit us in-store!”
  • Then, choose a brand personality, perhaps a newly created “Energetic Sales Personality,” to infuse excitement into the messaging.
  • The AI generates body content:
    • “Winter camping enthusiasts, get ready for a treat! Are you planning winter camping? We’ve got you covered with our latest gear at a 20% discount!”
  • Review the generated body content, providing feedback on the tone and style.
  • Make necessary edits or customizations to better align with the brand’s voice and marketing goals.
generate body copy

The finalized subject line and body content are added to a new email template using Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s Content Builder. This ensures the email design aligns with the brand’s visual identity and includes necessary images and calls to action.

By following this use case, marketers can leverage Einstein Generative AI to create engaging and personalized email campaigns efficiently, enhancing customer engagement and driving desired actions.


Einstein Generative AI in Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a game-changer that simplifies and personalizes content creation for marketers. This tool accelerates the process of crafting engaging emails while putting control back into the hands of marketers. As Salesforce continues to empower marketers with AI-driven automation, Einstein Generative AI provides a glimpse into the future of personalized and effective marketing campaigns. Marketers are poised to leverage this tool to create content that resonates and engages their audience.

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