Integrating systems with Integration Cloud

Integrating systems with Integration Cloud

CRM cloud implementation is seldom a one-time activity. Streamlining of your critical business processes needs you to regularly review, monitor and update your automation systems in addition to the processes themselves. Every CRM-on-cloud implementation needs you listen to what your technology consulting partner has to say on a regular basis. This step is essential for your business to stay technologically relevant amidst the dynamism of today’s era. As such, your CRM systems deserve periodic integrations, maintenance checks and updates / upgrades, so you can stay relevant to your customers as well as employees. Salesforce Integration Cloud makes for an amazing way to unlock and integrate all your critical business data and information from any system for you to deliver critical, time-sensitive projects. During these times of COVID-19 crisis, it becomes important that you create connected experiences for your customers as well as employees with a trusted and reliable integration and API platform. We take a look at how integration cloud lets you inter-connect disparate data and information systems in order to achieve agility, quality, innovation and smartness for your organization and the operations therein. Salesforce Integration Cloud lets you bring the power of integration to your entire enterprise. With this cloud, you can connect any data or information system on a single unified platform, irrespective of whether that system belongs to the Salesforce family or not. Of course, you save time, money and effort across your organization through this endeavour, and avoid missing data and information especially when they are most required by your employees or customers. You gain business agility as a result and the centralized manner of data operations lets you scale to the extent you want in a time frame of your choice, without you facing any loss or corruption of data or information. Integration Cloud empowers your entire organization to innovate faster upon the customer experiences, employee experiences, processes, projects, plans and more. It allows your teams to discover and reuse integration assets to build upon prior projects and address newer business that emerge quickly over time. In essence, your past collective business wisdom stays intact with you, courtesy integration cloud, and don’t need to reinvent the wheel every time you enter in to a new project. This added knack of innovation could go a long way in ensuring that your business stays relevant in the market for long, and it keeps reinventing its DNA basis the nature and the demand of the changing times. The cloud integrates every data system of yours irrespective of whether it’s hosted online or in-house, and eliminates your need to bear extra storage and maintenance costs. Further, it lets you make your integrations future-proof with API-driven inter-connectivity. You break free from the shackles of inflexible custom code and maximize your business agility with application interfaces and networks. Effectively, you become prepared for all the three parts of your business time-line – the past, the present and the future with Salesforce Integration Cloud. Whether you subscribe and install integration cloud on a stand-alone basis or over and above other Salesforce clouds that you might have chosen hitherto, you are bound to realize multiple business benefits – agility, productivity, profitability and quality – in any case. Last but not the least, you are empowered to extend the core capabilities of integration cloud to your partners, customers and developers. Effectively, you enable your entire ecosystem to create new revenue opportunities and customer experiences with packaged APIs. Now that you’re aware of the sheer power and reach of integration cloud, you can explore its implementation and support in your organization with a proven and capable Salesforce partner, who’d extend consulting to you in this matter by understanding your precise requirement and assessing the gaps in your existing information systems that call for integration. All in all, integration cloud is ideal for both the businesses having existing disparate data systems as well as those looking to implement one or more CRM packages and are data-intensive in their business approach. is a tenured CRM-on-cloud solutions provider that has proved its mettle in the technology-driven process streamlining space globally across industries. ABSYZ is a veteran Salesforce consulting, implementation and support partner that holds execution capabilities in integration cloud. Our bouquet of CRM offerings covers various clouds of Salesforce over and above integration cloud. To know how ABSYZ can help you better manage your disparate data and information systems to wow both your customers and employees through the power of integration cloud, contact us.

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