“Giving back” is at the Heart of ABSYZians – ABSYZ CSR

"Giving back” is at the Heart of ABSYZians - ABSYZ CSR

“Giving back” is at the heart of ABSYZ and one of our core focus areas is children education and welfare at the primary level creating a long term impact. At ABSYZ we feel proud about giving back to the community. As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility guidelines, we have earmarked a substantial budget towards charitable trust/NGOs in our focus area. We are happy to support the NGOs and other foundations across Hyderabad & Bangalore by spreading happiness in terms of better living, access to healthcare, and education. 

Let’s look back at some of the most memorable events ABSYZians took part in as volunteers and their contributions over the past few months.

A Day in “Desire Society”

As part of our CSR activities, we collaborated with “Desire Society”, a non-profit organization that works towards reducing the stigma and discrimination associated with HIV/AIDS and improving the lives of children struggling with the impact of the HIV/AIDS pandemic in India. They provide shelter, food, treatment, education and psycho-social support to help these children achieve their full life potential.

They organized their annual summer camp in Hyderabad from 11th to 14th May 2019 and ABSYZ pledged to sponsor food for the entire day on the 12th of May. Volunteers from ABSYZ spent the day with the children and helping them to conduct various fun and engaging activities for children. We also helped in facilitating the health camp set up for the kids. We helped in serving food to the children and interacted with them. The kids were enthusiastic and we enjoyed a lot being a part of their lives, be it for a day.


Proud to support “Ashray Akruti” the best NGO working for Hearing impaired

We donated Hearing aids and Beds for the kids’ residential facilities, and Volunteers from ABSYZ visited Ashray Akruti, on Saturday, 14th Sep. Ashray-Akruti is an NGO which has been helping children with hearing disabilities from areas in and around Hyderabad, since 1996. The kids and volunteers had great fun in an Origami event conducted by ABSYZ, wherein the kids showcased their amazing craft capabilities. We also sponsored lunch for the day.


Absyz visited “Samarthanam Trust” – Home for disabled and underprivileged children, in Bangalore on 20th July.

It was a nostalgic experience for many of us as we had an enjoyable session with school kids after a long time. Our ABSYZians had a fun quiz and a newspaper costume design competition. It was great to see them showcase their talents and bring out their inner superheroes. It was indeed a testimony to the fact of how they have overcome real-life challenges and come so far. A day for all of us to be inspired by them and work for a worthy cause.


Be A Santa – Our Flagship event at Sankalp Foundation Orphanage”

We have collected wishes from the kids at “Sankalp Foundation Orphanage”, which is an organization that provides education, basic needs and all-round development for children in need. The wishes contained things like toys, shoes, watches, clothes, etc. Everyone at ABSYZ chooses to grant one or more wishes for these kids. As a Santa, it was ABSYZian’s responsibility to pack the gift and address it to the child with any message. 

In January our Volunteers visited the orphanage to hand over the gifts donated by their secret Santa. And we had great fun with kids while sharing the gifts. We also provided lunch for the day from outside as the menu was decided by the kids. Dance, music, games and a lot more fun-filled day it was.


This is just the beginning of our CSR journey and we hope to continue the good work we have done till now. We as an organization believe in making an impact in other’s lives by spending our time and would like to continue working for a cause and associate with more organizations that can meet the vision and mission of changing the unprivileged kids’ lives for the better future. Wish to join? then click here http://www.absyz.com/career.html

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