ENRICH “U” – Benefits Plan

At ABSYZ, we believe in prioritizing our employees’ well-being through our benefits plan, Enrich “U”. This program reflects our commitment to supporting our team’s holistic growth by offering comprehensive benefits that enhance their health, happiness, and professional development.

Physical Wellness

Discounted Health Screenings

Through our partnership with insurance providers, discounted health screenings are available to you and your dependents. You can proactively manage your health and take informed steps towards a healthy lifestyle.


We provide medical insurance for our employees and dependents. The insurance covers all pre-existing ailments from day one of joining without any health check-ups or waiting periods.

Paid Time Off

Employees are eligible for a total of 21 paid leaves in a calendar year. This excludes government holidays

Maternity and Paternity Leave

Our comprehensive paternity and maternity leave policies ensure that every new parent has the support they need to bond with their child and thrive both at home and at work

Sports Club

Sports club, keeps the sports culture alive at ABSYZ. Regular team sports activities are arranged for you to participate and indulge your fun side

Nutrition Counselling

Employees can opt to have one on one nutrition counselling sessions with experts

Doctor on Call

Your health matters! Access a team of dedicated doctors right at your fingertips with our convenient doctor-on-call services. From general check-ups to specialized care, enjoy free consultations for you and your loved ones, ensuring peace of mind and wellness for all

Expectant Mother Program

Expectant mothers can take advantage of our travel allowance to ensure they receive the care and attention they deserve during this special time. Your well-being matters to us every step of the way

Mental Wellness

Counsellor on Call

We have an external, completely confidential counsellor on call to help you and your family manage your well-being needs related to managing stress, mental health, and life advice.

Sabbatical Leave

Sabbatical leave is an unpaid leave option available to eligible employees to pursue their aspirations beyond work

Wellbeing Sessions

Rejuvenating wellness sessions tailored to enhance employee wellbeing. From guided meditation to energising yoga sessions, these sessions are designed to help you unwind, recharge, and cultivate a healthier work-life balance.

Financial Wellness

Provident Fund

Provident fund is mandated by law and requires 12% of basic, employee and employer contribution. This fund is transferable through the UAN even if you decide to move on from ABSYZ


As per the payment of gratuity act, eligible employees will receive a gratuity payment upon completion of 5 years in an organization

Advance Salary

Employees have the provision to avail advance salary of one-month fixed pay to meet unforeseen financial needs

Car Lease

We provide car lease facilities to eligible employees that are interest free.

Personal Accident

Personal accident insurance provides employees coverage in case of accidents and other unforeseen circumstances

Flexible Salary

Flexible benefits, allow employees to customise their salary structure according to their individual needs and preferences. Instead of a fixed salary, employees can allocate a portion of their compensation towards various benefits

Personal Wellness

Leadership Development

Elevate your career with our Leadership Development Program, designed to empower employees with the skills and insights needed to excel in leadership roles. Through tailored training and mentorship, we invest in your growth, fostering the leaders of tomorrow within our organisation

L&D Initiatives

Our L&D initiatives help bridge any KSA gaps. Employees are eligible for sponsored certification vouchers to upskill themselves

CSR Club

Join us in making a difference through our CSR program, where employees have the opportunity to engage in meaningful community initiatives and volunteer projects.


Join our Entertainment Club and unleash your creativity while honing valuable management skills! Take the lead in organising exciting events and team-building activities, fostering a vibrant and engaging workplace culture where fun and growth go hand in hand

Additional Benefits

Relocation Assistance

Relocation assistance is provided to employees who are required to transfer base location due for official purposes

Overseas work Opportunities

Get a chance to work overseas at our locations in UAE, US, Australia and Canada


Ease the juggle of work and family with our Crèche Facility, conveniently located within a 2km radius of the office. Offering peace of mind to our employees, this amenity fosters a seamless work-life balance, allowing you to focus on your career while knowing your little ones are well-cared for nearby

Career Project

Explore the unique ABSYZ journey, which provides our professionals with the resources they require to achieve financial, physical, and emotional success by putting their well-being first. Take a look at the benefits we provide to assist our professionals and their families on their own journeys towards success.

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